Little Shop - World Traveler

Little Shop - World Traveler

Little Shop - World Traveler is a slight variation on the Little Shop series

Little Shop - World Traveler is a slight variation of the well-known Little Shop series of hidden object games. In this case you play a professional shopper who is sent to several locations to buy different things. The game is divided into trips and each trip includes 3 locations to visit. There are 16 locations with hidden object games related to the place in question. They are extremely attractive and detailed with incredible graphics and effects. The objects are cleverly hidden, so sometimes it is impossible to see them. Some are rather unfairly hidden since they are practically covered by something else. Fortunately, the game comes with a good and varied set of hints that includes: thermometers (which indicate hot and cold for up to five items depending on how close you are from the object), hidden cameras (which show you a brief flash with the location of the object), and a new element - a question marks (which shows you the picture of the objects without telling you its size or something). There are also mini-games that include different types of puzzles, like jigsaws and memory games. It also offers trophies that can be earned if the puzzles are completed in a certain way.
Little Shop - World Traveler doesn't offer a lot of innovation, still it is an enjoyable game with good graphics that will satisfy many players.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Excellent graphics and sound effects
  • The scenes are related to the location you are visiting pretty much
  • Pretty challenging
  • Good mini-games


  • Little innovation
  • Some objects are unfairly hidden
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